360 Video Booth

simply carter events

Create and delivery cool videos, directly to their mobile device or social media platforms.

Simply 360, with a slow-motion camera that circles the platform and captures the action.

The excitement begin as soon as your guests hop onto the platform.

With the Simply360 Video Booth, you won’t miss a single moment of fun.

Take event video and user generated content to a whole new level.

Get set to surprise and delight your guest.

Exclusive Features

Simply Carter Events work with you to create a fully customized video marketing experience.

Alone or in a group, this is the chance for your audience to have a moment in the spotlight, but it is so much more than that; this is a fully immersive video experience that delivers bang for your marketing buck.

You are sure to draw a crowd to your branded 360 platform as passers-by can’t help but be attracted to this show-stopper.

Ideal for businesses and brands, raise brand awareness with a fully branded platform, control station and branded video content.

All videos are sent via email or text message direct from the platform, keeping the user in control and the brand the ultimate data collection.

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